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2013 Undergraduate and Graduate Students Opening Ceremony


2013 graduate and undergraduate students opening ceremony of the Faculty of Medicine was held on Chenggong campus at 2:30pm September 13, 2013, in the conference room of administration building and followed the paired mentors and tutors meeting.  Leaders attending the ceremony are: party secretary of  Kunming University of Science and Technology (KMUST) Dr Rong Zhou; Principles of KMUST Dr Yingjie Zhang; Head of Kunhua hospital and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Dr Tianchao Wang; Associate principles of KMUST Dr Hua Wang; party secretay of affliated hospital of KMUST Mr Peizhi Wang; Deputy of secretary and Party Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission  of the affliated hopspital Ms Xiaoyun Jiang; vice-president of affliated hospital Mr Ping Wang, Mr Kun Ni, Mr Jianhua Hao; party secretary of faculty of medicine Mr Qiyong Liu and deputy secretary Mr Zhongguo Jing.

Other peoples attending are Teaching supervision experts of the hospital, head of teaching-research section, tutors of undergraduate and graduate, staffs of the faculty. Principal of Dr Zhang expressed her warm welcolm to the students and delivered exuberant speech. Dr Tianchao Wang introduced the condition of the affliated hospital and encouraged the students with sincere words and earnest wishes. Representatives of clinical department Dr Qaing Pei invoked students to be a good doctor and Dr Jichun Zhang emphasised the study requirements for students. In addition, representatives of graduate and undergraduate students made a statement. Finally, solemn and swearing-in ceremonyof medical students was expressed.

After the ceremony, a goup photo was taken to mark the occasion.  Afterwards, the students and tutors had the face to face communications in the Multi-media classroom .