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The 59th Central Hospital of People’s Liberation Army


The 59th Central Hospital of People’s Liberation Army is located in Kaiyuan CityYunnan province. It covers an area of about 120,000 square meters and is a general hospital of medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, prevention, health care, and rehabilitation. In 2009 it was accredited by the IS09001 international quality management system. It now has 1,316 beds, and 1,634 staff members, including  1,126 health and technical people. Now it has 26 clinical departments and eight supporting departments. It has treated nearly 400,000 outpatients and cured 35,000 patients, among whom 25,000 recovered from surgery. There are three postgraduate supervisors, 33 associate professors and 57 lecturers. As a military hospital, it also undertakes the tasks of traffic accident emergency rescue, disaster relief and public health emergency disposal. So far the hospital accomplished the SARS task, the Lebanon international peacekeeping, Ludian and Wenchuan earthquake rescue, and the Liberia Ebola task.