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The First People’s Hospital of Yunnan Province


    The First People’s Hospital of Yunnan Province (YPFPH) was established in 1939, which is officially ranked among National Grade A hospitals and honored with “Top 100” credit. YPFPH is one of the members of International SOS service network, undertaking multiple work, including health care service, clinical training, medical research, disaster rescue, foreigner related medical service, and professional supports to clinics on basic level. It has 2,400 inpatient beds distributed in 63 departments. 3400 medical professionals are employed, including 579 with Master’s or Doctoral degrees, 470 professors or assistant professors. It undertakes more than 2,000,000 outpatient appointments and supervises around 90,000 inpatient stays each year. It is leading the way in organ transplantation, minimally invasive medicine, genetic diagnosis, MDT of tumor, assisted reproductive technology, and birth defects screening. In the last 3 years, 33 studies have been honored with Provincial Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. 16 cooperative projects with academicians from Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) or ChineseAcademy of Engineering (CAE) have been authorized. 80 of national training bases, provincial key labs or institute have been founded based on the hospital.


As a teaching hospital, YPFPH provides clinical teaching and practice service to undergraduates from multiple medical schools every year. Moreover, as the founder of medical college of KMUST, it has a team of 206 supervisors for doctoral or master’s degree candidates, and have so far cultivated 518 postgraduates. The hospital routinely sends medical teams to neighboring countries, such as Laos, Myanmar, for assistance, while visiting scholars from these countries are preferentially accepted for medical training. Assigned by Chinese government, YPFHP is entitled to provide healthcare service for Chinese leaders or those from certain countries of South or Southeast Asia. In 2015, a medical union with about 200 hospitals in Yunnan has been organized by YPFHP, whose main goal is to provide them with support in talents cultivation, remote consultation and transfer treatment of emergency and severe cases. At present, YPFHP has three affiliates: New Kunhua hospital, Xishuangbanna Hospital, Shijijinyuan Hospital (under construction).